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You’ve heard of smart systems to control lighting but are you aware that this technology has been adapted to innovate the emergency lighting industry too?

Time is precious, and worldwide we are constantly looking to become more productive. Within the Emergency Lighting sector, time can be wasted during the testing process; for three hours, a contractor must remain on site doing nothing else but waiting for the lighting test to run its course.

In 2014, a large team of developers began working on the Silux Control® Wireless Automation System and had an idea to revolutionize the way we test emergency lighting. They started working on a smart emergency lighting (PRO-EM®) system, that could operate wirelessly and without human intervention.

Since then they have been constantly adapting and developing this system alongside the fast-paced changes occurring within technology, until it reached a stage where the PRO-EM® system was at the forefront of smart emergency lighting.

Silux Control® developers created a proprietary software and RF encrypted communication system which could provide data transfer at speeds between wireless devices of up to 600kbps. Any Silux Control® communication is secured via a high level of meshing and a very complex and integrated software protocol that allows huge amounts of information to travel between devices safely.

It can access battery level status, online status and other critical information whilst using encrypted data control so that each smart emergency lighting system is well protected from the outside world.

“Our partnership with Silux Control® enables us to bring something truly innovative and unique to the emergency lighting market.” Nick Swash, Chief Operating Officer and BLE Lighting & Power Ltd

BLE Lighting & Power Ltd partnered with Silux Control® to integrate their PRO-EM® system and create PRO-EM® ready emergency lighting.

The PRO-EM® Controller is a wireless, Radio Frequency encrypted communication device with mesh connectivity suitable for any size installation or building. It has a built-in battery to last a minimum of three hours in emergency mode and provides complete compliance with statutory and mandatory requirements.

It sits within your luminaires and speaks to the IntelliHub® where data is retrievable in weekly, monthly and bi-annual reports. Annual tests are available with date/time options and there is the ability to print hard-copy reports to accompany them.

Best of all, all of this is available from the touch of a button via an app on a smart device, accessible globally, wherever there’s an internet connection, saving time and resources.

Time and resources are also saved on a large scale when installing the lighting, as this is a wireless emergency lighting system, and no cable installation is required. The luminaires are simply fitted into position and connected to the Silux IntelliHub® which can control up to 50 fittings.

You can also stack as many IntelliHub® as you like, providing limitless connectivity to any size building.

By using PRO-EM® ready wireless emergency lighting, you can also be assured of the status level and notified instantly when there’s an issue or fault which ensures that the healthiest status level is maintained and the safety of individuals inside the building is well protected.

BLE  have a dedicated Silux team who are on hand to assist with the opportunities a Silux system can provide to any project, small or large.

Contact BLE to learn more, or view their PRO-EM® ready range here.

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